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Monthly networking calls, masterclass trainings on brand personality and access to our six month brand building course!


Get clear on your brand direction, offers and launches. Personalized to meet your business needs!


The ultimate branding getaway! Work with top branding photographers and create incredible content with for your brand!
Our retreats offer a unique opportunity to work with 4+ photographers and a group of diverse women to create all of the marketing material your brand needs.

Now booking for Phoenix, AZ September 12th - 15th 2021

Customer/Client Reviews

Both Jill and Kristen are incredible! I have just been with them 1 month and have learned so much! They are both so passionate to help everyone be successful and very knowledgable! You will not be disappointed, give it a try!
Kim Lipe
Owner, Fit Bodies 4 Life
If you're looking for accountability and support to optimize your brand, these two are ready to reFrame the way you look at your business and how you increase your reach to your customers. Join this reFrame Tribe- you will not regret joining us! xo
Catherine Tanaka
Owner, The Body Project
I’m a proud member of the reFRAME tribe and cannot say enough about how helpful Kristen and Jill have been in helping me take my business to the next level while staying true to myself. If the saying “it’s all about who you know” is 100% true, then I am in good hands with this dynamic duo. If the saying “it’s all about what you know” is 100% true, then I am in good hands with this dynamic duo! Catch my drift? These reFRAME coaches are some amazing amBADASSadors!
Melissa Lopez
Owner, MelLo Macros
I have spent thousands before on business coaching and nothing in return after a couple of months! These two ladies go above and beyond what they are called to do! I HIGHLY recommend them and I will always follow their lead! Your business deserves these two ladies hand in it!
Stephanie Rofkahr
Owner/Coach, FitFourFive
Out of this world! That is really all you need to know about reFrame. Jill & Kristen go above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need to get your business going in the right direction. There are truly no words to describe how grateful I am for these two ladies. They are two cool chicks who know their stuff and will do everything in their power to make sure you get to where you want to be with your business. Simply, the best!
Shannon Scott
Owner/Actress, Simply Shannon Entertainment
Omg! Since I’ve been working with these ladies, I’ve gotten so much for my business. Their services are worth every penny!
Nealy Gihan
Author/Owner, Purple Inked

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Frequently Asked Questions

Glad you asked! The reFRAME Brand Network is the BEST way to connect + learn + grow with other professional women in wellness and fitness.

When you join you will have access to:

  • Our 6 month reFRAME Your Biz course
  • Monthly networking calls to grow your business
  • Updated social media tips + tricks
  • Masterclass speakers all year long
  • Our private Facebook community
  • Early access to our exclusive photoshoot retreats
  • Special discounts on coaching sessions

…and so much more for only $1/day!

Oh get ready to rock your biz! Your one hour coaching session will be custom tailored to your needs with BOTH Jill + Kristen! We provide feedback, strategic plans, how to structure offers, media advice and creative concepts!

You will leave with a to do list and an action plan. If you need more than an hour consider purchasing out coaching package HERE to save more money.

Our reFRAME Your Biz network members get special discounts so email us for that code so you can save more money in your biz!

In our Brand Audits we break down every aspect of your brand.

  • How you show up online
  • Your brand image and message
  • What you offer and how to structure
  • How to create effective funnels
  • Website reviews + suggestions
  • Automations that will free up your time
  • A solid plan of action for you to implement
  • FOUR one hour coaching sessions with both of us

This is at the way to fit track a launch, streamline your offers and crush your goals faster!

We want you to know your brand inside and out. To be an effective owner you need to understand every aspect of your biz. That means you should at least UNDERSTAND things before hiring people to do them for you.

We recommend you sign up for the yearly network first, it is the most affordable and you get access to everything. 

For coaching the time commitment is up to you and your budget. We want you to succeed, that means working WITH you to meet goals and hold you accountable. Most of our clients choose the Brand Audit or the 5 session Coaching Package to ensure they meet their goals. This will be scheduled between 4-8 weeks depending on your progress after each call!

Our one on one sessions are available anytime and must be used within one year of purchase.

Oh you will LOVE this!

We created the most in depth, content creating retreats out there! Not only do you get to spend a weekend in a gorgeous location… you also get to create a sh*t ton of content for your brand + launch!

We fly in a top fitness photographer to shoot your  professional images for submissions and publications. We have a lifestyle photographer to capture all of the images you need for social media. Plus we have a videographer capturing video the entire time!

When you book a retreat you will receive:

  • A insta worthy getaway location
  • Professional photographs from published photographers
  • Lifestyle photos to use online
  • Video of the event to use for marketing
  • Professional hair and makeup
  • Stock images of group workouts, meal prep and more!
  • Optional wardrobe + props upon request
  • One badass time with our tribe!

Trust us when we say you will be overwhelmed and overjoyed with what this weekend will bring you! Everything you need, done in just a few days PLUS you get to party! 

Prices will vary based on location and photographer.

We created these retreats to SAVE you money. Let’s break it down…

If you did all of this separately you would spend around $10,000 dollars. With our retreats you will save at least 50%!  PLUS you get a kick ass vacation with amazing women!

We care. Bottom line we know what it feels like to get screwed and we feel the pull to prevent that from happening to others in the fitness and wellness space. 

Also in a world of “online coaches” it is easy to fall prey to fancy words, photos and empty promises. Ask ANYONE we work with and they will tell you we are the real deal. We’ve spent nearly 40 years collectively in business. Fitness, television, marketing, food & beverage and events. Yes, we have experience in ALL OF THEM. That puts us in a unique position to give you solid advice and help you find your voice.

We have created several businesses from the ground up and worked with some of the best in the biz. We felt as a team it was time to pass that knowledge on to help you.

We will also NEVER promise you specific numbers in a specific amount of time. If someone does… RUN! You are going to get no bullshit advice from us when you work with us. We don’t sugar coat, we don’t make false promises and we will NEVER force you to change your core values!

We’ve got you! Just email us HERE and ask away! We are happy to answer any questions you have about any of our services! 

We can’t wait to work with you! J + K 

Stop wasting your time and money!
reframe your biz!

Get ready to reFRAME Your Biz and grow your fitness brand with ease. You deserve to build a brand you are proud of and makes you money. Join our amazing tribe and get started TODAY!