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Branding Photoshoot Retreat For Women - Virginia Beach

Virginia beach, Virginia

May 2023

Create up to A year’s worth of content in just ONE day!

end the stress of content Creation once and for all... reframe your brand!

Get ready for a jam packed weekend on the ocean! Full branding photoshoots at a fraction of the cost. Multiple photographers, video and more! Build your own stock photo library that reflects you and your brand with a group of other women while enjoying the beach! 

RETREAT PRICING - Virginia Beach 2023

Once you make your deposit we will be in touch with more information to plan YOUR perfect branding retreat!

One Day Branding Photoshoot Retreat

This fabulous experience is the ULTIMATE content shoot! Get sh!t done AND have fun! This package includes everything you need to create up to a year's worth of content in just one day of shooting:

sea, beach, vacation



5-9am – hair + makeup

7am – smoothie bar + coffee

9am – photoshoot + video production begins

12-1:30pm – lunch break

1:30-5pm –  photoshoot + video production begins

5-6pm – reels

6:30pm – group shots

Free time allowed for personal content creation

//// Meet Your Brand Experts

Jill Bunny

  • 5x Cover Model
  • 4x IFBB Champion
  • Functional Nutritionist
  • Psychotherapist
  • 3x Published Author 
  • 6 Figure Launch Specialist
  • Creator of CBT-Fitness

"A Beautiful Photo Means Nothing Without A Strategy."

With over a decade’s experience in the health industry as a 4x IFBB Bikini Champion, cover model, and published author, Jill is here to make sure you and your brand are taken seriously in the industry! She is  a closet nerd, with a long list of credentials in psychology, nutrition, exercise science and functional medicine.

Jill will teach you how to convert images online, whether that is through organic traffic, email campaigns or paid ads. She will increase your inner confidence so you can go after the photo and video content you are envisioning for your brand! She will help you through your sabotaging thoughts that may have stopped you in the past from owning the spotlight when in front of the camera, or pricing your products/services in a way to level up your income.

kristen Crowley

  • Former TV  News Anchor
  • Lifestyle TV Host
  • Published Fitness Model
  • Mom of Two
  • Owner of KC Media
  • Creator of WELLFITsocial

"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do"

After 12 years in TV News and 17+ years working as a television host and spokesperson, Kristen is ready to help you level up your brand and get the media attention you deserve!

With a background in fashion merchandising and food + beverage,  she will help you fine-tune your branding. She will teach you how to effectively pitch to the media and help you discover your inner superhero.

Kristen founded the WELLFIT social network in Virginia and KC Media online to help others learn and not waste their time.

We are truly stronger together!


Dervelle Harris


Master Stylist at AOC Hilltop Dervelle Harris has been a force in the beauty industry for more than 20 years. His passion for hair ignited in his tender youth and inspired him to share his gifts with thousands of clients globally.

Dervelle has been honoured to be trusted and requested to work with some of the elite in the industry, such as The legendary Ms.Patti Labelle, model Jessica White, media tycoon Oprah Winfrey, The BET network and many more.

His fire for hair, make-up and fashion has literally changed lives and he will ensure you show up and WERK on shoot day!



A portrait photographer based in Denver, Colorado. "I specialize in fitness, boudoir and branding. I love helping others embrace who they are by capturing aspects of their life they want to celebrate. I have a background in art and design and absolutely enjoy all things art-related. Photography has given me an outlet to express my artistic passion.

I enjoy empowering clients by making them feel proud and confident. As a bodybuilding competitor, I am often inspired by the fitness community and enjoy being part of their journey. Through my branding work, I help people visually communicate their brand with their audience."



Katie Goode, Snappy, is a multi-hyphenate creative based in VA. I have had a camera in my hand since 2004. I knew being a photographer was what I was meant to be on this beautiful planet.

I graduated with a BFA from the Art Institute and am a surrealist inspired photographer who specializes in women portraiture ranging from boudoir, creative themed concepts, outdoor portraits and branded lifestyle photography.

With experience as a creative director for seven years I can merge who you are and what you do in a photoshoot that showcases you in the best light and shares your vibe to the world."



Jordan Artistry is a certified makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Her motto is “helping people glow inside and out” because her main goal is not only to help her clients look amazing, but feel confident and empowered from within.

She is ready to make your shoot fun and help you glow!

Marquita bianca


Marquita Bianca, is a multi passionate entrepreneur based in Virginia Beach, VA.  Discovering dance at the age of 21 and blogging in her late twenties.  They have led her to now having two full time careers as the Owner of Baila Fuzion Dance and Creative Arts Center as well as a Fashion Editor covering fashion weeks around the world.  Initially starting her studies for a career in Veterinary Medicine, MB left school to pursue performing arts full time at age 22, exactly a year after the birthday invite to go salsa dancing.  “I didn’t know that invitation would change the complete direction of my life.  Dance chose me and opened up a world I couldn’t have imagined being a part of. One where I’m free and able to create art on my terms.  That very invitation is what I get to extend to every student that walks into our Creative Center every day.”



Reel Operations works with small businesses and filmmakers to get their story told. Its purpose is to liberate your time and make your stories Reel!! Based in Virginia Beach, VA.